The brand name Sapido is a combination of English word “Sapid - meaning Enjoy” and Spanish word “Rápido - meaning Fast”, which merge the elements of pleasant and joy into the efficient and professional technology, representing Sapido to be efficient, pleasant and enjoyable. The brand blood is full of the gene of fidelity, friendly, and beauty, sensibly interpreting the rationality of professionalization in the networking industry. Our aspiration is to offer the individuals and families a user-friendly-interface of IT product and enrich the smart 3C e-Life.

Sapido persists on its authentic Taiwanese R&D, design and high quality manufacturing. In order to deep plowing and strengthen the brand recognition, we invited the Swiss design team to bring Sapido an unique fashion style and a new image to G3 series products in 2013. Using the “One for All" concept to contribute the “Smart life" through the user-friendly interface to make the technology products incredibly simple and have a pleasant experience sharing your smart e-life.