3.1.6 How to access GR-1102 from Wan?


Access with SadoGO

Step 1.
Double click the Internet icon
on the product map. (In case the Internet icon is not shown, please open the browser and type the WAN IP of your SAPIDO product or its DNS/DDNS to login product and server) .

Step 2.
Fill in the WAN IP or DNS/DDNS of GR-1102. The typing should be http://(IP or DNS/DDNS)

Step 3.
Fill in username and password of administrator or user. .

Step 4.
Click " Loginˇ¨.

After login, the icon of available servers will be shown below, please click the application you would like to use.

Access with GUI :

1. Open the Internet browser and input WAN IP of NES Server to enter GUI.

2. You can login as administrator or personal account.

3.Below is the image when login as personal account.