the introduction and setting of VPN server

VPN Introduction:

VPN stands for「Virtual Private Network」. Simply, after the connection is completed through the VPN server, the user can connect to the remote host for sending the message or loading the information from internal network. You can ensure the security of information and build up a global network connection.
SAPIDO router is a built-in VPN server which supports PPTP and L2TP protocol. You can use this VPN server as a mediator to connect to overseas, and you can send the message or load the information from internal network everywhere without worrying about the distance. Otherwise, with the function of supporting 3G/WiMAX, the VPN server can build up an encrypted mobile network for providing the best solution for temporary office or chain store, etc.

VPN Advantage:

1. Create Encrypted Remote Connection :
Provide the internal network security, included user certification, secure encryption, and conceal the important data. The internal users can securely send the message or load the important information through VPN server. After encrypted, the indicated address will be protected, and the other users can only see the external IP address.

2. Enhance Working Efficient :
With the function of supporting 3G/WiMAX, the employees can work everywhere if the network is connected to the company. It is convenient to use the company resources for SOHO users and the workers always work in outside. You can easily create encrypted remote connection to make the company operate smoothly and fast, and bring the greater output value.

3. Low-cost and Easily Configuration :
Compared to the traditional phone line network, VPN is low-cost, greater flexibility of network structure, and convenient management. The VPN era is coming!

VPN Configuration:

1. Prepartion:
1) SAPIDO router x 1
2) Power Adapter x 1 (enclosed)
3) Ethernet Cable RJ45 x 2 (Please prepare it by yourself. We advise you to prepare different colors of Ethernet cable to distinguish the different connection position.)

2. Before enter into VPN configuration, please set up the router first.

1. First, please plug the enclosed power adapter in the socket.
2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect PC and LAN port of SAPIDO router.
3. Use an Ethernet cable to connect xDSL/Fiber/Cable modem and the WAN port of SAPIDO router.

3. Wait till three upper indicators lit permanently green and open IE browser, then type IP

4. Login page will show up and please fill in default Username and Password to login. (Username/Password: admin)

5. Enter into the setting page, the page will show “One Button Setup”. Set up according to your Internet source. For example as DSL, select your WAN Interface is Ethernet Port. Choose your WAN Access Type is PPPoE or PPTP, and enter the username/password. In addition, change the “Encryption” dropdown to your preferred form of security. If you are not sure, choose WPA2 (the most commonly used), and enter at least 8 characters. At last, click “Finish” to complete setup.

6. After the setting is finished, you should see a “change successful” page with a countdown. When the countdown is completed, your wireless network and security will be active. You should be able to login immediately with the new password, and you can continue to setup the VPN server. However, if an error message shows up, please refresh the page and it will go back to the entering page.

7. Start VPN Configuration:
1. Please click VPN Server Settings on the left menu, and click PPTP/L2TP Setup.

8. Enter into PPTP/L2TP setup page:
- Please select “Enable setting” at first.
- Choose “Connection type”.
- Enter VPN server IP. (Please refer to the picture as below)
- Enter Remote IP range. (Please refer to the picture as below)
- Select Authentication Protocol.
- Enter Username and Password.
- Click “Apply Changes” to finish setting.

9. If you want to delete the user that is set up, please find the user name and click the “select” column. Then, click “Delete Selected”. (The user who is deleted can’t enter into VPN Server anymore.) If you click “Reset”, this setting page will go back to the default value.

10. Please provide the information listed as below to the VPN Client User.
i. WAN IP Address
ii. VPN Username
iii. VPN Password
iv. Connection Type(PPTP/L2TP)
v. Authentication Protocol (PAP/CHAP/MSCHAP)

11. Please confirm your WAN port of router is connected, that means WAN port can obtain the real IP, so the user can then enter into VPN Server.
How to find the WAN IP address? (Please refer to the picture as below)
Please click Log and Status → Network Config on the left menu.
Please provide the IP address in WAN Configuration to the user of VPN Client for entering into VPN Server. After enter into VPN Server, the VPN Server will allocate VPN IP (Remote IP range) for clients.

After finish the above setting, VPN Server can be used.