3.5G Mobile Hotspot

As long as the mobile phone is available, you can share Internet with others. Connect a 3.5G modem to the 3.5G Mini Server, you can build a wireless Internet access point easily.

 DC/AC Dual Power

Your router is no longer limited by electrical outlet because this 3.5G Mini Server is designed to meet all kinds of power supply. It supports both AC and DC power, moreover, there is a mini USB port on it, it works perfectly with AC power, power pack, or car charger. Hence, you can easily use it indoor, on the road, or in vehicles.

 Unique WiFi AP

WDS no configuration, just search available network and click to link. Super easy for Internet Extension.

 One Touch WPS Encryption and Connection

Complete the wireless encryption and connection by pressing the WPS button on both 3.5G Mini Server and wireless adapter.

 Wireless USB Server

The USB ports on 3.5G Mini Server stand for various USB devices, such as printer, webcam, and HDD.

  • Home Surveillance – Real-Time and remote monitor
    Apply USB webcam to 3.5G Mini Server , you can access to live image from computer, PDA or mobile phone with browser anywhere anytime. No time to watch live image is not a problem because it can record images to HDD.
    Besides, it supports multi-view feature, multiple sites could be watched in one monitor at the same time.
  • USB Storage – FTP and Samba Server
    FTP Server inside, no computer and software required.
    Samba works similar to “My Network Place”, and PCs in same LAN network can share files freely.
  • Printer Server – Printer Sharing and remote printing
    Share the printer without a dedicated computer. Just apply a USB printer to the 3.5G Mini Server and install printer driver on PC, everyone can print document through it. Even more, when you are away, you can still remote print document by linking to the 3.5G Mini Server .