3.5G Mobile Hotspot‧Server AP

This is exactly a mobile router got to be: mini, multi-power supply and internet on the road.

Create instant WiFi Hotspot at remote locations, such as construction sites, special occasions, conventional centers, vehicles, or where DSL/cable is not available. With multiple power supply, from home sockets, car charger, laptop or battery pack, you can easily access internet on the go for surfing, skype, music, games, etc.

Use it as wireless AP at home to extend wireless coverage. With the server features built-in, it works as a wireless USB server for several devices at the same time. No settings required, just plug and play for printer sharing, remote printing, real time and online monitor, scheduled recording and file sharing with FTP server and Samba my network places.

 Other Features

  • Unique WiFi AP mode, WDS no configuration.
  • WPS one touch encryption and connection.
  • Multi-Network connections: Router 、WiFi ISP、 AP、 WiFi AP
  • Multi-AP - Network groups setup for flexible management.
  • Complies with wireless 11n standard, which upgrades data transfer rate to 300Mbps and with coverage 4 times larger than 11g.
  • Secure Internet - Supports various Internet filters and advanced encryption types.
  • Unique domain name - Easy to find your server router by typing the unique domain name.
  • Virtual Server
  • Virtual DMZ


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