Mobile Hotspot‧Built-in Modem n Battery, Ready To GO!

Sapido Mobile Hotspot embedded 3.75G modem, benefits users to insert just SIM card to the device and easily enjoy high speed mobile internet with 7.2M downlink/ 5.76M uplink. In addition, it’s equipped with two 2200mA long-lasting Li Batteries, just have the batteries fully charged, and then you can stay Internet connection for 8 hours, while standby time is up to 20 hours. Extremely portable size design come with flexible power supply and battery charging, giving users more freedom and mobility on Internet sharing than ever before.

Sapido Mobile Hotspot is launched to meet all users Broadband Internet demands, aside 3.75G mobile broadband, xDSL/ Cable/ Fiber and Public WiFi can be easily converted to instant WiFi hotspots for infinite wireless devices users. Moreover, the 802.11n complied Mobile Hotspot carries advanced 2T2R antenna technology, giving wireless coverage 3 times wider than 802.11 b/g and delivering the fastest wireless speed up to 300 Mbps.

Further step to care our environment. With the latest 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard and carrying Green AP technology, Sapido Mobile Hotspot could save up to 80% power consumption by auto detection of Internet connection and packet transmission.

 Other Features

  • Complies with wireless 11n standard, which upgrades data transfer rate to 300Mbps.
  • 20,000 sessions for efficient P2P downloading, online games and other Internet usages.
  • One touch WPS encryption and connection.
  • Multi-AP, Network groups setup for flexible management.
  • Secure Internet- Support various internet filters and advanced encryption types.
  • Unique domain name- Easy to find your router by typing the unique domain name.
  • Virtual Server
  • Virtual DMZ