Sapido routers are Wimax ready. For the compatibility, please double check with local distributor in your region before purchase.

 Mobile Hotspot‧All Broadbands

Multi-power Supply, Mini and Compact, Transformer built-in, All Broadbands can Work – SAPIDO is to present you a Mobile Hotspot powerful than ever.

Whatever broadband service you use - xDSL/Cable, WiFi Hotspot, 3G/4G, or even WiMAX, you can share internet connections effortlessly via Sapido Mobile Hotspot. No need cable or complicated WDS configuration to extend wireless coverage, with only one click or press on WPS button, Mobile Hotspot can work as wireless bridge to eliminate dead spot in your house.

With AC/DC dual power supply, wherever DSL/Cable or electricity is not available, you can still create instant hotspot at remote locations, such as construction sites, special occasions, conventional centers, vehicles, etc…to access internet on the go for surfing, skype, music, games, etc.

SAPIDO Mobile Hotspot carries advanced 2T2R antenna technology, which enhances not only wireless coverage but also provides an ultimate wireless speed performance of 300 Mbps.

 Other Features

  • Multiple Network Environments: Router, AP, WiFi AP
  • Complies with wireless 11n standard, which upgrades data transfer rate to 300Mbps and with coverage 4 times larger than 11g.
  • One touch WPS encryption and connection.
  • Multi-AP - Network groups setup for flexible management.
  • Secure Internet - Supports various Internet filters and advanced encryption types.
  • Support DNS Server - It's easy to find your router by typing the unique domain name.
  • Virtual Server
  • Virtual DMZ