Wireless 3-in-1‧Pocket N+

Smaller than mini, SAPIDO Wireless 3-in-1, which complies with the latest 802.11n high speed wireless standard, works as Router, Access Point, and Wireless Bridge, is the perfect choice of pocket size routers.

Not only supporting wired/wireless xDSL/ Cable/ Fiber modem at home, you can also use it to share public WiFi with friends and for different devices in the Airport or during Conventions. When you stay in a hotel, you can plug the hotel Internet cable to SAPIDO Wireless 3-in-1 and convert wired Internet into wireless easily. SAPIDO Wireless 3-in-1 simply meets your needs to share wireless Internet connections anywhere anytime under all circumstances. Moreover, no need cable or complicated WDS configuration to extend wireless coverage, with only one click or press on WPS button, SAPIDO Wireless 3-in-1 can work as wireless bridge to eliminate dead spot in your house.  In addition, you can easily power SAPIDO router on by connecting it to the laptop or mini USB power supply.

Sapido router also complies with the latest 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard and carrying Green AP technology. It adjusts power consumption according to the auto detect of Internet connection and packet transmission, and can save up to 80% electricity. Powerful firewall feature would safeguard your network by preventing the attack from hacker or virus, and blocking inappropriate sites.

DDNS, NAT, IGMP Proxy, Virtual Server, DMZ…, more features are waiting for your exploring!

 Other Features

  • Complies with wireless 11n standard, which upgrades data transfer rate to 150Mbps.
  • 20,000 sessions for efficient P2P downloading, online games and other Internet usages.
  • With Mini USB port in-built, connect to laptop or Mini USB 5V/0.4A external power supplier to ease your mobile life
  • One touch WPS encryption and connection.
  • WDS no Configuration - Coverage Extension and Deadspot Reduction
  • Advanced Green Design Saving up to 80% Power Consumption
  • Router, Access Point, WiFi Bridge 3 in 1
  • Multi-AP, Network groups setup for flexible management.
  • Secure Internet- Support various internet filters and advanced encryption types.
  • Unique domain name- Easy to find your router by typing the unique domain name.
  • Virtual Server
  • Virtual DMZ