19cm Super Long High Gain Antenna - Enhance Wireless Range and Coverage

With 19cm super long high gain antenna, SAPIDO Advanced Wireless N Router enlarges wireless coverage and gives a best solution for the use in big houses, between floors and compartments ideally.

 WiFi AP - Extend the Wireless Coverage Effortlessly.
    You are able to complete the WDS via pressing the WPS button or one click at
    setup program.

 Green Design, 80% Power Saving - Low Power Consumption Design -
    The Newest IEEE 802.3az Standard complied Green AP Technology, Save up to
    80% Power Consumption

Complying with the latest 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard and carrying Green AP technology, this router adjusts power consumption via auto detection of internet connection and packet transmission to avoid any waste of electricity, thus it utilizes energy. Moreover, this router requires only 3Watt electricity at the most with its low power consumption design, which is truly eco-friendly device.

 Powerful Firewall - SPI Mode against DOS Attack and built-in Port/IP/MAC/URL
    Filters to Safeguard your Network

SPI mode to protect the network against DoS attacks , and built-in MAC/IP/Port/URL filter to manage Internet Access and blocks inappropriate Internet content.

 Cases of Using High-Perfomance WiFi Router

  • House or Dormitory(Router Mode- Public WiFi)
    Lots of people use money in careful calculation and strict budgeting. If you live in a campus, you can put RB-1802 by the window to re-boost wireless internet from outdoor to indoor and share wireless internet in your room. In this way, your family or your roommates can surf the internet at the same time, and that will help you save lots of money.

  • Between Floors and Houses (WiFi AP Mode - Wireless Bridge)
    A normal router is not used in big houses or between houses and floors because of its weak wireless signal. Just take your RB-1802 and switch the mode to WiFi AP with setup program, then you can use RB-1802 to bridge and extend wireless signal from your existing router to enhance wireless signal and reduce dead spot of wireless internet in the house.