All Broadbands can Work - 3G/4G‧ADSL/Cable/Fiber‧Public WiFi

Supporting mobile broadband via not only 3G modem, but also various smartphones, this All Broadbands Green WiFi Router allows Internet access sharing whatever broadband service you use, ie. 3G/4G, xDSL/Cable/Fiber, Public WiFi.


  Connect to Smartphone such as iPhone, HTC, etc. for Internet Sharing

Connect to Smartphone such as iPhone, HTC, etc. which performs as 3G/4G modem for sharing internet to multiple devices anytime, anywhere.


  19cm Super Long High Gain Antenna - Enhance Wireless Range and Coverage

With 19cm super long high gain antenna, All Broadbands Green WiFi Router enlarges wireless coverage and gives a best solution for the use in big houses, between floors and compartments ideally.


  WiFi AP - Extend the Wireless Coverage Effortlessly.You are able to complete
      the WDS via pressing the WPS button or one click at setup program.


  802.3az Standard plus Green AP Technology–Save up to 80% Power Consumption

Complying with the latest 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard and carrying Green AP technology, this router adjusts power consumption via auto detection of internet connection and packet transmission to avoid any waste of electricity, thus it utilizes energy more effectively.


 Cases of Using All Broadbands Green WiFi Router

  • Temporal Stay (Router Mode – 3G modem / Smartphone)
    Lots of people rent houses for temporal stay, and don't want to sign a long-term contract for Internet service. Therefore, many of them get online via 3G modem or smartphone which is very convenient, but the problem is only one device can access Internet at the time. Now, with RB-1842, multiple PCs, NB, iPAD, PSP…,etc can share the Internet connection at the same time, and even better, you may share the Internet bill with housemates.

  • House or Dormitory(Router Mode- Public WiFi)
    If you live in a campus, you can put RB-1842 by the window to re-boost wireless internet from outdoor to indoor and share wireless internet in your room. In this way, your family or your roommates can surf the internet at the same time, and that will help you save lots of money.